Our Story1
Radley's has been providing the Central Coast with farm products, pet supplies and aquarium products for the past 75 years. In this time, it has changed considerably, and all past owners have left their mark. Since 2013, it has been our turn to provide our best service to the people of the Wadalba region. We are a small, family-owned business and we're passionate about providing quality service and products to all of our customers. In this time, we have strived to turn Radley's into more than just a produce store. Since taking on this goal, we have—as a family—done just that.

The introduction of our large aquarium room for both salt and freshwater fish was a big step towards this goal. Our aquarium specialist, and the younger brother in the family, Matthew, works endlessly to look after our aquarium section and helps customers with their questions and finding the right products for them. With Matthew running the show, we know that in the years to come, this part of our store will get bigger and better.

Other than the addition of Radley's aquarium range, we have also redesigned the entire shop. Adding a room for our large collection of birds, a new wire shed to increase our range, and installing ponds for the display and sale of pond fish. Another of our goals was to make Radley's more family orientated. To do this, we spoke to our customers to ask what they would like to see more of. Since getting the feedback, we have increased many of our lines of household pet products, including pet mince for most animals, as well as accessories. We have also recently started a small nursery section for indoor and outdoor plants.

Our biggest success towards making our store more family-friendly is definitely our petting farm, which was started by Sue-Ann—our mum. We believe that our little farm gives kids of the Central Coast, both big and small, the chance to see and play with baby farm animals that children miss out on these days. Along with our petting farm, we also have the added pleasure of our resident animals. Come in and see our resident dogs, cats and birds that love attention and have free roam of our store. If you are lucky, you might even see a baby piglet running down one of the aisles—a common sight at Radley's! With all these animals, it's easy to see why parents tell us, “this is my kid's favourite place”.

We are open 7 days a week, so come in today and see these wonders for yourself. Call our friendly staff to find out more about our available products.